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  • About us

    Acexon Technologies Pte Ltd was established in Singapore since 2004 as a sales and technical service provider specializing in field of Laser, Optics, Electro-optics and Photonics serving several countries in South East Asia region.


    Certified to ISO 9001:2008, Acexon continually strives to provide high-quality, state-of-the-art products to the institutional, industrial and commercial markets, supply and service a full range of systems involving photonic products, electro-optical equipment, lasers sources, which can be used on applications in the research, academic, development, production, commercial, medical and many others.


    High Quality Product

    Lasers, Optics, Laser safety, Nano-Positioning systems..

    We strive to deliver products that are of high quality.

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    Reliable, High Performance

    We work with leading and reliable suppliers to provide products that are of high performance.

  • Lasers

    Find the best laser companies here

    Laser Quantum

    Continuous + Femtosecond

    Light Conversion

    Picosecond +

    Femtosecond +

    wavelength tune-able​


    Wavelength Conversion

    Ultrafast Laser Diagnostics

    Pulse Manipulation


    Femtosecond, picosecond and nanosecond lasers, tunable wavelength systems, ultrafast fiber lasers, spectroscopy systems and laser electronics


    High Power Laser Diodes


    CW Lasers for Biophotonics, Measurement and Spectroscopy

  • Optics

    We represent the best optics companies


    Optical Filters




    Laser optics, Crystals and non linear optics

  • Laser Measurement

    Energy & Power Measurement, Beam Profiling, Ultrafast Diagnostics

    Energy & Power Measurement, Beam Profiling



    Ultrafast Diagnostics



  • Nanopositioners, micropositioners, and instrument solutions

    Mad City Labs, Inc offers a wide variety of nanopositioners, micropositioners, and instrument solutions. Please select from the categories below to browse our product lines. Custom/OEM options are available.

  • Laser Safety

    Use of lasers may be hazardous, we advise users to strictly observe laser safety

    Laser Safety Interlock System

    Engineering control

    This compact, versatile unit can control laser interlocks, door locks, illuminated warning signs and other equipment. Hundreds of systems installed locally.

    Laser Curtains

    Laser Certified, Fire retardant

    Designed as passive guards to enclose an area where Class 3B or Class 4 lasers are in use.

    Ultra Laser Warning Signage

    3-State, Low Voltage LED Display

    Installed in hundred of laser labs, these low voltage LED signage offer 3 state display, can be connected to the laser safety interlock systems

    Compact Laser Warning Signage

    Compact, 3-State, Low Voltage LED Display

    Installed in hundred of laser labs, the compact low voltage LED signage offer 3 state display, can be connected to the laser safety interlock systems

    All-metal laser curtains

    Designed for high powered laser applications

    All-metal laser curtains are constructed from uniquely patterned aluminum panels with a special coating that helps block, absorb, and diffuse scattered and direct laser radiation. Designed for high powered laser applications, these laser safety curtains offer the laser beam protection of metal and the flexibility normally associated with fabric laser barriers.

    Portable Laser Safety Curtain Barrier

    Designed for portability

    Compact laser barriers are designed with mobility in mind. All the features you expect in a full size barrier adapted into a barrier that when dismantled fits into a bag and can easily be carried. Three individual 3 ft. (914mm) wide x 6.5 ft. (1981mm) height panels that can stand alone or attach to form a desired layout. A clean room version is available.

  • Ultrafast Joulemeter

    • Up to 200 kHz Pulse-to-Pulse
    • Measure EVERY pulse, with no sampling, at high rep rates, up to 200 kHz
    • Capture and Store up to 4 million PulsesStore 40 seconds of data at 100 kHz
    • Track Missing Pulses and Pulses Below Threshold
    • Know how many pulses were missed or that didn’t make the energy threshold with this unique pulse feature

    Beam Diagnostics

    We offer camera-based devices with wavelength ranges from UV to IR. All are cameras are USB3.0, for the fastest data transfer rates.

    Multiphoton LaserMUX™ Beam Combiners

    Semrock’s Multiphoton LaserMUX beam combiners enable deeper tissue imaging and improved contrast in multi-color and multi-modal fluorescence microscopy. Ideal for combining two femtosecond pulsed laser beams, they are perfect for optogenetics and other life science applications.

    PHAROS, compact, fully-integrated femtosecond laser

    • 190 fs – 10 ps tunable pulse duration
    • 2 mJ maximum pulse energy
    • 20 W output power
    • 1 kHz – 1 MHz tunable base repetition rate
    • Pulse picker for pulse‑on‑demand operation
    • Rugged, industrial grade mechanical design
    • Automated harmonics generators 
      (515 nm, 343 nm, 257 nm, 206 nm)

    UltraFlux series Tunable Wavelength Femtosecond Laser System

    UltraFlux is the first compact high energy tunable wavelength femtosecond laser system which incorporates the advantages of ultrafast fiber laser, solid-state and parametric amplification technologies in less than 1 square meter footprint box.

    Optical Parametric Amplifiers

    ORPHEUS is a collinear optical parametric amplifier of white‑light continuum pumped by femtosecond Ytterbium based laser amplifiers

    • 210 nm – 16000 nm tunable wavelength
    • Single pulse – 1 MHz repetition rate
    • Up to 8 W pump power
    • Up to 0.4 mJ pump energy (2 mJ upon request)
    • Computer controlled


    PulseCheck TypeII High Constrast

    Revealing Pre-pulses, Pedestals, Satellites, high contrasts >60dB

    Tunable Femtosecond Pulses @ GHz

    providing tunable femtosecond pulses in the near-infrared (NIR), visible (VIS) as well as infrared (IR) wavelength region


    Compact, Low Cost spectrometer, <30pm Resolution in the Visible or NIR

    Compact Transient Absorption Pump-Probe Spectrometer

    • 350 – 1100 nm probe wavelength range
    • Ample sample space to fit a cryostat or flow system
    • Beam monitoring and self‑recalibration
    • Simple integration of any user‑preferred external spectrograph
    • Transient absorption and Z-scan experiments on the same device


    MatchBox Laser

    Compact Laser Sources for Spectroscopy and LiDAR


    A fully operational near field scanning optical microscope,

    built on Mad City Labs versatile RM21™ inverted optical microscope which allows users to convert between NSOM, SPM, and fluorescence optical microscopy techniques.

  • Products Highlights

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Pronto-250 Handheld Laser Power Meter

    Pronto-250 Handheld Laser Power Meter, for quick measurements up to 250 W

  • Our Suppliers

    We work with reputable, reliable suppliers with great products..


    The standard in optical filters

    Semrock has become the standard in optical filters for the life science industry, applying patented design techniques to create some of the most spectrally sophisticated optical filters on the market. Whether you select from Semrock extensive catalog or Semrock design a custom filter to your exact specifications, you can be confident of the uncompromising quality, reliability and reproducible results.


    Laser Optics, Polarization Optics, Laser Crystals & Non-Linear Crystals

    Altechna is a supplier of laser related products and solutions, specializing in the following key fields of activity:

    • Laser related components.
    • Distribution of well-known photonics industry brands in local markets.
    • R&D solutions in laser optics.
    • Manufacturing of laser related components.
    • Quality assurance and measurements to guarantee the highest quality.


    colorPol® polarizers

    CODIXX is dedicated to development, production and marketing of dichroic glass polarizers, distributed worldwide under the trade name colorPol®. Based on an unique technology for production and treatment of nanoparticles in glass, CODIXX manufactures high-quality polarizers for ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectral range.


    Laser Beam Measurement products

    In 2000, Gentec Electro-Optics, Inc. was formed from Gentec, Inc., the first to manufacture both thermopile and pyroelectric laser power and energy detectors. Also Measurement solutions for THz market, ultra-sensitive optical Joulemeters for pulse to pulse energy up to 200 kHz.

    Mad City Labs, Inc.

    Nanopositioners, micropositioners, and instrument solutions

    Mad City Labs, Inc is a leading manufacturer of flexure based piezo nanopositioning systems capable of sub-nanometer positioning resolution. 


    Manufacturer of lasers, laser systems and laser components for R&D and industrial applications.

    Ekspla is innovative manufacturer of solid state and fiber lasers, systems and components from unique custom system for basic research to small OEM series. Main products are: femtosecond, picosecond and nanosecond lasers, tunable wavelength systems, ultrafast fiber lasers, spectroscopy systems and laser electronics

    Light Conversion

    World leading manufacturer of wavelength tunable femtosecond laser sources

    Light Conversion is the largest manufacturer of femtosecond Optical Parametric Amplifiers (OPAs) and Non-Collinear OPAs (NOPAs). With over 2000 systems installed worldwide, Light Conversion has established itself as a reliable and innovative producer of femtosecond optical devices.

    A·P·E GmbH

    Ultrafast OPO and Diagnostic

    A·P·E GmbH is a worldwide operating developer and manufacturer of instruments for the generation of ultrashort laser pulses with widely tunable wavelength as well as devices for pulse measurement and management.

    Laser Quantum

    Innovative, Reliable, Intelligent

    Laser Quantum was formed in the 1990s by three PhD physicists from the University of Manchester, England.

    Through the acquisition of two companies; Gigaoptics GmbH and Venteon Laser Technology GmbH, the three companies have been able to unite the principles of robust design and cutting-edge technology, in the fields of continuous wave, GHz, few cycle pulses and amplification.


    Simply Light

    Our laser modules are compact, exhibit one of the lowest power consumption on the market; ideal for systems which require a combination of several laser sources.

    Lasermet Ltd

    Lasermet Laser Safety Solutions - World Experts in Laser Safety

    Lasermet is world renowned as a leader in laser safety, having been instrumental in the development of the internationally recognised laser safety standards IEC / EN 60825 over many years.

    Kentek Laser Store

    Laser People Helping Laser People

    Worldwide and trusted supplier of laser safety eyewear, laser protective barriers and curtains, laser components, and replacement parts including laser accessories for industrial, research and medical applications.


    Opto-Mechanical Products

    Standa Ltd. was founded in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1987 with more than 150 employees, manufactures motorized and manual translation and rotation stages, motion controllers, optical tables, vibration isolation systems, optical mounts and holders, optics, dpss lasers and etc.

    Quantum Light Instruments

    DPSS Nd:YAG and Nd:YLF fully air cooled Q-switched lasers, up to 100mJ for LIBS, PLD, MALDI and others.

    Quantum Light Instruments, Ltd is located in Vilnius, Lithuania. Main products are EO Q-switched diode-pumped solid state lasers optimized to operate at low pulse repetition rates with moderate pulse energies (up to 100 mJ and 100 Hz repetition rate)